October 2021 Anonymous Missionary - Asia Update

Jesus is my everything, and without Him, I can do nothing. He guides my every step.

As we were preparing for container shipments (filled with necessities for Mozambique and Malawi), the process felt impossible. Because of severe cost increases with overseas shipping systems, the costs had more than tripled since our shipments in 2020.

One day, while sharing with Heidi Baker, she simply said, 'Jesus is King'. These three words went straight to my heart, inspiring me. Jesus is unlimited, and there is always enough! We forged ahead with the containers immediately, giving our full focus to the Lord's supernatural supply, and shipped eight containers to the two countries; more than in any previous year!

lina 3 containers_0.jpg

[Preparing to load some of the containers.]

lina 4 soccer balls_0.JPG

[We cannot forget some soccer balls!]

lina 5 unloading valuable building supplies everyone engages when a container arrives_0_0.JPG

[Every age is excitedly involved in unloading the containers.]

lina malawi_0.jpeg

[Knapsacks for every student at Iris Malawi.]

lina2 malawi_0.JPG

[The joy on these faces says it all. Note that the size of the backpacks are the close in size to our youngest students!]

It is all and only Jesus. It is His love that touches people to support the poor. Without His love connecting us together, we can do nothing. May Jesus' love compel you in everything you do.

The fire of the Holy Spirit burns in me. He holds my hands and strengthens my feet, and step by step, I move ahead. We continue to connect with local churches, teach and train leaders, and go to the poorest villages to help and pray for people.

I regularly pray to live in the miraculous that we read of in Mk 16:15-18. One woman could not hear out of her left ear, and her doctor suggested that she have surgery. We prayed for the woman, and, immediately her hearing was restored. She returned to the doctor and was told that her hearing was perfect in both ears. All praise and glory to our great God. He is good, all of the time!

Thank you for your love, prayers, and generosity. Together we share in the joy of every miracle of God.