April 2020 Zimpeto Community Infant Milk and Food Supplement Program Update

Infant Milk Supplement Program:

Baby ‘M’ was born small and sickly on Feb 26, 2019 to a very poor widow and mother to two other children. The mother developed wounds on both breasts, finding it difficult to breast-feed her baby. When they arrived at our Community Milk Program for help, baby M was very sick, malnourished, and under-developed. After months of receiving infant formula and medications, baby M graduated from the program when she turned 1 year of age. She is still a little underweight for her age, but during the last 2 months on the program her weight stabilized, her health flourished, and her growth chart finally followed a normal healthy curve.

Many babies like baby M don’t survive their first 2 years of life, and even if they do, they remain sickly for most of their childhood. Suffering from malnutrition, some children even have developmental delays that last a lifetime. Because of this program, baby M was able to not only survive, but to overcome a huge obstacle in her first year of life that otherwise could have negatively impacted her for years, decades, or a lifetime. Baby M is just one example of the many babies and families that we are able to help through this program.

[Baby 'M']

Food Supplement Program:

The food box program is currently supporting 77 families, reintegrated children, widows, and comunity families in need.  While there are our regular ongoing families. we have others coming to us every month seeking help from us.  This program provides a great to show God's love in such a praticaly way. Thank you so very much for your support. Through you, light and hope are given to some of the neediest of families.

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[Iris children helping to prepare the boxes of food.]