October 2021 Zimpeto Community Infant Milk and Food Supplement Program Update

Infant Milk Supplement Program:

One of our most transformative opportunities supports babies and their families enrolled in our Milk Program. By God’s great grace, babies in this program transform from maybe not even surviving to fully thriving! Here is a testimony of baby Manuela from our Zimpeto Centre in Mozambique.

Manuela’s mother passed away from a critical illness 30 days after Manuela was born. Manuela’s father — now widowed and with a newborn baby — still had to provide for his elderly parents, widowed sister, and her three children. He worked hard but could only afford to buy one can of formula each week to feed his newborn daughter. That meager formula was insufficient for her nutritional needs, and Manuela became malnourished and dehydrated. Since joining our milk program, Manuela and her family have experienced the generosity of her supporters. Manuela now has more than enough to grow up healthy and strong.



Food Supplement Program:

Zimpeto remains restricted by the ongoing Covid situation. Many have lost jobs this last year and a half, making things that were difficult before Covid that much more difficult now.

Our team is visiting some of the food recipients to ensure that they still require our help. Because there are so many new requests from families, we must monitor those who have the greatest need.

We are presently supporting 72 permanent families. Many other families come to us each week asking for food. We help as many as we can. Currently we are providing for 20 extra families. Praise God!




Thank you for your gifts that allow us to continue to feed many Mozambican families. We are deeply grateful that we can show the practical love of Jesus to our neighbours through this program.