April 2022 Community Infant Milk and Food Supplement Program

Infant Milk Supplement Program:

Baby Liria (and her mother) came to our Community Infant Milk Program when Liria was six months old. The mother has a chronic illness, and her doctor had ordered her to stop breastfeeding to prevent the possibility of transmitting anything to the baby.

Liria 6 months old_1_0.jpg

[Liria at 6 months.]

The Milk Program provides formula for babies who for varied reasons, cannot be breastfed and would otherwise fail to thrive.

We have a prayerful goal of one day seeing a generation in Mozambique is free from TB, HIV, and other devastating illnesses.

Formula is very expensive in Mozambique, and Liria’s family couldn’t afford to buy it. Baby Liria thrived in our program and grew in weight and strength because of the formula we supplied her mother with. Thanks to IMC donors, Liria has now graduated from our program -  a healthy and beautiful little girl.

Liria 1 year old.JPG

[Liria at one year.]

Mozambique is one child closer to having a healthy generation and a healthy nation!


Food Supplement Program:

While seventy-one families receive food boxes twice a month on an ongoing basis, the program is currently providing boxes for more than 50 additional families. We praise God for the resources from Canada to support these Mozambican families. Thanks for your generosity!




[Iris kids help assemble the boxes of food. They love to help!]



[The food boxes are ready, and are given out as families come to receive them.]