October 2022 Zimpeto Community Infant Milk and Food Supplement Program Update

Infant Milk Supplement Program:


Baby C was admitted to our Community Milk Program when he was two months old - he was significantly underweight, small, weak, and lethargic. Baby C was born four weeks premature, and sickly since birth. His Mother had a chronic illness, making made breastfeeding very difficult. Because of her challenges, she was advised to stop nursing her son when he was only four months old. He was diagnosed with Tuberculosis and started a six-month treatment. The medications caused frequent diarrhea and poor appetite, which strained his already frail body. Baby C was hospitalized several times while in our Program. The local hospital doesn’t provide baby formula, so we continued to provide it. After finishing the treatment, baby C immediately started to gain weight and become stronger. There were no more hospitalizations. By his first birthday, the child was alert and responsive, energetic, continued to gain weight and strength, was eating soft foods, and his skin had a healthy color and glow to it! He survived the odds and is growing into a beautiful, happy, little boy! His ability to survive would have been greatly reduced if he hadn’t received the nutritious formula we provide to all who need it.


Baby C. 9.30.2021_0.jpeg

[Baby C at 4 months.]

Baby C. 7.1.22_0.jpg

[Baby C a year later - July 2022.]

Baby C. 7.14.22 GROUP FOTO_0.jpeg

[Baby C - July 2022.]


Food Supplement Program:


Each family that comes to our program shares a story of struggle. One by one they come, receive food and prayer and are encouraged to keep on. Hope rises.

Here is one story...

A widow lives with and is the sole provider of her two grandchildren. She is frail and lives in a poor community. And as is often the case with the poor in Mozambique, people move abroad illegally in search of more and end up not returning.

food 2_1.jpg

The grandmother's daughter left the country and went to South Africa, leaving her two baby girls behind. As the grandmother is taking good care of the children, we didn't need to bring the children into the centre to live but support their family with food boxes every two weeks.

food box_0.jpg

It is a great blessing to have Iris Canada donor support this project. Thank you for your generosity.