October 2019 Anonymous Missionary - Asia Update

Again, because of the very sensitive nature of what our missionary in Asia is doing, we must limit what we share publically. We are delighted to say that the name and works of the Lord are being spread and the kingdom is being advanced in Asia!

Our missionary writes:

People are desperate for more, and when they come to us so very many accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour right away.  

Miracles are following us! One man had very serious lung and heart problems. The doctors had told him that he would die soon because his lungs were shutting down. After we prayed for him in the hospital his face went from being dark grey in colour, to the colour of flesh, and his lips from black to pink. After only one week he was back in his own home and is recovering with great joy! Even the doctor said that it was a miracle!  Another woman had struggled with pyelonephritis (inflammation of the kidneys) for many years. She was healed through prayer.

I give all thanks and glory to the Lord, Jesus Christ.