April 2020 Zimpeto Bible School Update

“Go ye into the whole world and preach the gospel”....

We thank God for the opportunity to serve at the Zimpeto Bible College. In the past 6 months some of the most remarkable moments were with visits we had to the school. First was the visit from the main national television station - TVM. They focused on the work of one of our teachers. We had the opportunity to see a little bit of what we are do being broadcast on television at a national level.

Another highlight was an exchange visit with our sister college from South Africa. They came with a large team of teachers and students to do an exchange with teachers and students of the Zimpeto Bible College. We thank God for having created this opportunity, and for blessed the lives of both students and teachers.

A great focus has been on the many outreaches that continue every Friday after school is out. Students evangelize in the community near the centre. We do practical one on one evangelism and home visits sharing the gospel message of God’s love.

Our students have had the opportunity to participate in the construction of the house of prayer outside of the center in the community. Many of the newly evangelized believers are  attending services at the house of prayer.

Another place where students have constantly visited on their outings is the wholesale market of Zimpeto. The students split into small groups and openly preach the word, pray for the sick, and speak of the love of God. We have seen good fruit and will briefly share the testimonies of two young men who were impacted in these outings.

The first young man who works in the market as a collector of municipal taxes from the sellers, having listened to the students, desired in his heart to have an opportunity to study the word of God. When he approached the students to have more information, they encouraged him and invited him to study in our school – which he did! Today this wholesale market official is now a pastor, and is leading a church under the supervision of his leader.

Another testimony is of a young man who attended the first level of the bible school and then on his own continued doing one to one evangelism in the area by going to both houses and buses! He evangelizes on buses, and is currently one of the most prominent bus evangelists of Maputo! He was inspired to write an evangelical book, and invited us to the launching ceremony. It is indeed gratifying and it is a great joy to see what the Lord is doing through the students at the school.

1st level students on evangelism_0.jpeg

3rd level Student Yuran_0.jpeg

[Market place evangelism.]