October 2022 Zimpeto Bible School Update

New beginnings... Do not despise the beginning of small things.


[Zimpeto Bible School's most recent group of students.]

The news of the start of a new curriculum and the school's registration with the government left both teachers and students excited. There was a great expectation for the year to come.

However, in the interim, the bible school kept forging ahead, offering short-term courses based on the currently existing materials. The community was supportive.

We share the testimony of two students who received the news, and did not let their age or gender stop them from participating and being a part of this blessing.

After listening to her nephew's testimony of transformation at the bible school, a student (who was extremely troublesome to his family) received deliverance and inner healing at the college. This student ended up graduating from his fourth level, and today he lives a good life and is the owner of a company he created himself.

On hearing about this young man, his aunt (who also happens to be the oldest student enrolled in the school this year) was encouraged by the transforming power of God in her nephew's life.

The aunt was once a senior staff member of one of the largest aviation institutions in the country, having attended several technical courses internally and even abroad, and is now retired. She came to the bible school because she did not want to be left aside or miss the opportunity to receive this transformation in her own life. She rushed to apply, not letting age or gender stop her from receiving this transformation.

While studying at the college, during her first level of our course, she was challenged to abandon certain traditional practices and get rid of objects that she previously considered to be the solution to problems that her family faced. Knowing that at the school she could find the answer, she didn't hesitate to look for the school's administration team to ask them to help destroy these objects linked to the darkness she kept at home. These artifacts were binding her and her family, causing illness and bringing an influence from the powers of darkness to the family. She had been through surgery eight times, and could not eat any meat.

The director, along with his wife, and another student, went to visit the aunt. In a small group cell environment, and in a worship service, with her whole family present and the support of pastors, all the works of darkness that were binding that family were destroyed in the fire.

Today this student and her entire family enjoy good health, free from the powers of the enemy. All of her children walk with Christ and attend church. She has an outstanding academic performance record and motivates other colleagues in their walk with God.

A similar occurred in the life of the second student in the picture. She desired wholeheartedly to fulfill her ministry, but the fact that she was living with her partner while not married didn't give them peace. Knowing of the bible school through her nephew (who had been a student at one time), she came to us asking us to bless them in marriage. It was a wonderful ceremony that the head of the school had the privilege of officiating. The ceremony took place at the Zimpeto Centre during the pandemic. We observed the measures set out by the government of wearing masks and social distancing. Today, she is a great leader in her ministry. She came to enlist herself and is one of our outstanding students.



Thank you all for your prayers and support. May God continue to bless our college, and may we be a national reference for the wonderful testimonies of God's transforming power in people's lives.