October 2021 Zimpeto Bible School Update

Covid-19 saw many starts and stops for the bible school these past months.
Instead of in-person lectures, we adapted to teaching classes online. When the virus seemed under control in the country, we would quickly return to in-classroom teaching, only to have this change shortly after.

The Zimpeto Centre ever offered us one small makeshift classroom away from the rest of the base. We started with one 5th level class, meeting twice a week. We brought in our cleaning supplies, alcohol sanitizers, facial masked, and other personal protective equipment. We were excited to be helping our 4th level student finish their final term and graduate. Our students were very happy and grateful. Unfortunately, the restrictions came again, making us have to finish the term remotely.


[This picture was taken by the students themselves when they returned to in-class teaching.]

Below is a testimony from Vasco M., a young man that attended the bible school last term.

I was not raised well in the Word of God and came to the place where spiritually, I felt shaken up because of the lifestyle I was living. I started bible school in this place.

Because of Covid, my training was primarily remote, online teaching - both teachers and videos. I was hungry to turn my life around. I learned about the love of God and His Kingdom. I began to see through a different lens and grew in understanding and vision. Truly my spiritual life was restored, as never before.
I give thanks to God for all that I learned. I have grown so much. My desire is for more grace in my life. I discovered an inexhaustible source - Christ, and whenever I feel weak, I run into the Lord's unlimited grace.