April 2022 Zimpeto Bible School Update

A wonderful graduation service for another group of students who have now completed their final year (level 4) at the Zimpeto Bible School was held in November. All thanks go to Jesus!

 Through much hardship and several closures and re-openings of classes (due to the pandemic), these students endured the race and reached the finish line. The ceremony was gratifying, powerful, and fantastic.

Teachers, parents, pastors, and spouses attended the special day, recognizing the student's diligent efforts. A Ministry Diploma was given to each by the Principal of the bible school.


[The graduating class of 2021!]

For the first time, students needed to have a cell phone to attend classes and communicate with teachers and peers, and receive class papers and assignments. Learning to use WhatsApp and other media platforms added a significant challenge to their studies.

The Bible School is in the process of updating our Governmental registration. Because of al-Shabaab attacks in the northern part of the country, the government wants to make sure that all schools teach a curriculum that does not discriminate and that does not encourage terrorism. A new and stronger program of only three years has been prepared and approved in Northern Mozambique already. We are waiting for our forthcoming approval to begin here in Maputo, at the Zimpeto Base.

We're ensuring that everything is in place, from the school buildings to the staff. Teachers must have a degree level to teach in compliance with government requirements. Most of our current teachers accepted the challenge and have returned to take further schooling to receive higher accreditation.


[On the left is one of our current teachers, who has returned to University for further accreditation. In the middle is a student, with the school Principal on the right.]

Thank you very much for your prayers and support.