Zimpeto Bible School

April 2023 Zimpeto Bible School Update

We are excited to introduce you to our new director of the Zimpeto Bible School (January 2023). Antonio Carlos Cossa is a former student of the school who graduated in 2008). Antonio and his wife also serve at the Zimpeto Partners in Harvest Church.

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As you know from past reports, the Bible School was very limited in how it operated during the pandemic. We are happy to be back to teaching hungry students!

April 2022 Zimpeto Bible School Update

A wonderful graduation service for another group of students who have now completed their final year (level 4) at the Zimpeto Bible School was held in November. All thanks go to Jesus!

 Through much hardship and several closures and re-openings of classes (due to the pandemic), these students endured the race and reached the finish line. The ceremony was gratifying, powerful, and fantastic.

Teachers, parents, pastors, and spouses attended the special day, recognizing the student's diligent efforts. A Ministry Diploma was given to each by the Principal of the bible school.

April 2021 Zimpeto Bible School Update

As was shared in our October 2020 update, in the face of Covid, classes had to be canceled and creative ways found to continue teaching our students. The last was all distance learning using WhatsApp groups.  

Every week we interact with students who are eager to come back to school, as we wait for authorization from the government for the return of regular classes. We have had many new students enrolling, especially in our final fourth-year level.

September 2020 Zimpeto Bible School Update

From the beginning of the second quarter, 2020 has been a year of many changes caused by the recent global pandemic of COVID-19 that has affected not only Mozambique and Africa but also the whole world.

All educational institutions in the country had to stop on-site classes, and our students and teachers had to adapt to be able to adjust to this new reality. We have adopted distance learning classes by using well known digital platforms.

April 2020 Zimpeto Bible School Update

“Go ye into the whole world and preach the gospel”....

We thank God for the opportunity to serve at the Zimpeto Bible College. In the past 6 months some of the most remarkable moments were with visits we had to the school. First was the visit from the main national television station - TVM. They focused on the work of one of our teachers. We had the opportunity to see a little bit of what we are do being broadcast on television at a national level.

April 2019 Zimpeto Bible School Update

 “Pastor, when I came here to the bible school I had been living with my partner since 2007, thinking everything was fine. But I was challenged by the word of God and now that I'm back for the second level I have decided to get officially married. I would like to invite the staff of the bible school to attend my wedding". These are the words of Philip, a second level student who is currently getting ready to get married at the end of this month.