October 2023 Zimpeto Bible School Program Update

The last six months have gone very well for the Zimpeto Bible School. We have a great group of students who continue to be equipped, and prepared to serve the Lord with passion and fire!

Being our first year after the pandemic, we are excited about what the Lord has for us this season - He continually surprises us with good things!

One testimony comes from a romance between a couple of our students who began studies as singles, having lived together in their home province for two years prior to coming to the bible school.
Gildo (25) and Sonia (27) came to us from Nampula, in the northeast provinces of Mozambique. In Nampula, it is considered normal to live together.

Within the first month at the bible school, Gidon and Sonia realized that their living situation was neither normal nor right as Christians who choose to live holy lives for Jesus. They became aware of the need for the Lord's blessing for them as a couple and decided they needed to marry.  

We were amazed by their commitment to holiness. They were correcting their lifestyle, and we offered our support. Being very far from their homes, we made all the arrangements, providing clothes for the bride and the bridegroom, and prepared lunch for their reception after the church service on the base. They were very blessed to have the church take part and support them.

It is beautiful to witness this change of understanding and commitment to the Lord. This encourages our commitment to serving Jesus through giving our lives to bring change in the lives of each brother and sister in the Lord that come to be trained and equipped in our school.