April 2023 Zimpeto Bible School Update

We are excited to introduce you to our new director of the Zimpeto Bible School (January 2023). Antonio Carlos Cossa is a former student of the school who graduated in 2008). Antonio and his wife also serve at the Zimpeto Partners in Harvest Church.

pic 1 antonia_0_0_0.jpg

As you know from past reports, the Bible School was very limited in how it operated during the pandemic. We are happy to be back to teaching hungry students!

We resumed classes this year with plans to renovate both classrooms and offices at the school. The building is old, and repairs were necessary. Everything has received fresh paint, and finished ceilings were installed. Desks and doors were polished, and windows were repaired. Whiteboards were installed in the classrooms to replace old blackboards, and new curtains, fans, etc. added. We are very grateful for the provision of all of the needed materials. We even cleaned up the outside yard, creating an uplifting space. We are excited to offer a better study environment to welcome all who are hungry and thirsty to meet our wonderful Lord Jesus in what we believe to be a unique and quality space.

pic 2 - before bs_0.jpg

(Exterior of the bible school before renovations.]

pic 4 - renovations near completion_0_0.jpg

[Almost done!]

pic 6 - more class cleanup_0.jpg

pic 7 - class cleanup again_0.jpg

[Bright 'new' rooms.]


[The rods are hung, awaiting their curtains.]

Our numbers have been restricted as we've been finishing the renovations. There are presently 22 students, 10 in their first year(currently using the pastor's room in the prayer house) and 12 in their final (4th) year (working off base). By the time this report is posted, all students will be back in their classrooms.

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The current term ends in April. The next session will receive more students. We will implement new subjects and courses focussed on equipping a  new generation of leaders, pastors, and ministers of God. We plan to offer quarterly seminars to current students and alumni alike, bringing them together from the places they are currently serving - for a time of refreshing and recommissioning to carry fresh oil to their churches and communities.

Thank you for your generous support.

More Joy!